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Over the last several years I have been lucky enough to find myself surrounded by some pretty interesting folks here in the sweet old mountains of western North Carolina, who manage to fill their days doing such things as felting tiny baby shoes, hand stitching buckskin skirts, hunting for wild foods and mushrooms, building hand-hewn log cabins and straw bale cottages, growing heirloom vegetables and flowers, whittling adorable little wooden spoons, waltzing in the moonlight, making bamboo fences, and a thousand other things that I am daily fascinated and humbled by.

When I make pots it is with the hope that they will nestle comfortably into the lives of the wild and wonderful artists and farmers and musicians all around me and beyond, who seem to be forever raising the bar of what it means to walk around on this earth in a good way. I aim to create simple, sturdy tableware that feels and looks pretty good, and is equally at home on an intimate dinner table or on the floor of an old pick-up truck.